Writing Services to Help You Succeed

Here is a list of primary writing services I offer that may fit your needs. If you don’t see something listed that you’d like help with, please ask. If I’m not the writer who can help, I’ll say that … and give you a referral to a writer who can if you’d like one.


Content Audits

You need to know your site answers these 5 key questions:

1) Do visitors know what you do?
2) Are they clear on how you can help them?
3) Does it encourage visitor interaction?
4) How does it rank in search engine results?
5) Is the design clear & consistent on all pages? Is it accessible?

To help you, I use a 21-point checklist addressing these questions and give you a full report on the findings.

Content Marketing Strategy

A content marketing strategy helps you review and refine who you need to reach and how to reach them. We’ll develop the message they need to hear, and plan how and when you can give them what they need.

The plan also includes recommended media channels you’ll use to share that content.

I will work with you to complete worksheets and research identifying Why, Who, What, When & How. Once, we’ve completed those, I’ll give you a report and a written strategy that meets your goals and needs.

Web Pages (Home pages, Content page, Landing pages)

Your website pages are the cornerstone of your digital marketing content. Social media may help drive interaction and engagement … it also helps build relationships and connect with your audiences. But ultimately your website is your most valuable tool.

These pages are where your clients go to look for information about who you are and what you do. It’s where they look for deeper research into your products and services.

If you don’t have updated, relevant content, visitors will shop with your competitors instead.

Google’s search rankings look for content that’s useful to visitors, loads quickly, contains keywords and phrases people are looking for today and pages that are mobile-friendly.

All of this leads to improved brand awareness, site traffic, lead generation, return visitors, conversions, sales and repeat sales.

Blogs, Posts & other Articles

Blogs help companies keep web content fresh and useful. They aren’t direct sales, but it’s the useful knowledge that keeps visitors coming back to your site. These articles keep you on the top of their minds and reinforce your brand image.

Video Scriptwriting

Videos are becoming increasingly popular. But many companies shoot a bunch of film and hope they get what they need. I can work with you to create a script focused on your goals. The total package consists of the script, recommended interview questions for specific quotes and a shot list. Everything you need for the produce making the video for you.

Case Studies

Case studies are the stories we share of satisfied clients.

They give people a chance to empathize with others who had the same challenges. It is the social proof that reassures prospects your products and services produce valuable results.

Case studies show buyers other companies that have felt their same pain and solutions that work.

These personalized stories are so powerful that 40% of buyers use these as key facts in making the decision to buy your product or service.

White Papers

These persuasive essays are great at helping you highlight products and services that are
1) new or unique,
2) complex and
3) expensive.

According to Statista, this marketing tool is used by 34% of B2B buyers when they first start researching a product or service they need. It is also effective at attracting attention to generate interest in a product or service a potential buyer doesn’t know they need.

Buyers find them especially useful when comparing products and services between competing companies. In fact, 53% of buyers use White Papers to help them compare competing offerings.

A White Paper is also valuable as an in-house training aid for the sales team or other staff. It shares important and useful information your team needs when talking with prospects, leads and current clients.

White Papers often go by other names such as Evaluator’s Guides, Special Reports, Product Briefings, Executive Briefings or Market Overviews.

… and More

Email Campaigns, eNewsletters, Video Scripts … if it’s not listed ask.

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