The 3-Step Process to Make Your Website Standout

Step 1

Picture showing topic of SEO.

You need to know your site answers these 5 key questions:

1) Do visitors know what you do?

2) Are they clear on how you can help them?

3) Does it encourage visitor interaction?

4) How does it rank in search engine results?

5) Is the design clear & consistent on all pages? Is it accessible?

To help you, I will complete a 21-point checklist addressing these questions and give you a full report on the findings.

Step 2

Business people working with computers

This is where you review and refine who you need to reach and how to reach them.

Then take time to develop the message they need to hear … exactly how and when you can give them what they need.

Now plan if you’ll use in-house resources, freelancers, or a marketing agency.

The plan also shows the channels you’ll use to share that content.

I will work with you to complete worksheets and research identifying Why, Who, What, When, & How.

This step concludes when I give you a report and written strategy that meets your goals and needs.

Step 3

Person working on a Laptop

You know what you want to change and have a plan. Now its time to put your writing staff in place and make sure they are on board.

Its time to have your team update and write the content from your strategy.

Publish the content via the channels. The timing for publishing is part of the strategy.

As you implement, it’s OK to change and adapt based on reactions, results and changing situations.

In this step, I’m still here working with you to update, create and publish your content as part of your full team. I’m helping you adjust your strategy as needed.

This process is exactly what we need to update our website and implement a full content marketing strategy.
I’m ready to talk now!

This is a great process, but more than I need right now. Do you offer tailored services?

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