How to Optimize Your Webpage for SEO

It’s essential to optimize your webpage for SEO if you want to grow organic search results.

Here are 11 key elements you need to make each page of your website work as hard as possible for you. The elements are grouped into 3 categories.

Critical elements reflect “must have” information. Important information helps your page rank higher. The remaining, nice to have, elements help engage readers and improve site value that way.

Don’t be tempted to skip any of the steps because you think it will save money or time. The value of your website is the consistent practice of these strategies.

5 Tips for Competitive Content

5 Tips for Competitive Content Sites hold visitors’ attention through design, graphics and the words on the page. The best sites have all three elements. Words are the most critical element to focus on. When guests arrive on a site, their first questions are: “what service this company provide?” and “Can they help me?” A …

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Site Content Audit Specialist

Maggie Peterson is Now an AWAI Verified™ Site Content Audit Specialist St Louis, MO: Maggie Peterson, owner of Maggie’s Writing Service, today announced that she has passed the rigorous requirements to become certified as an AWAI Verified™ Site Content Audit Specialist. This milestone means that she is prepared to offer professional web content reviews, uncovering …

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